Ordering Information

T-shirts are $18 or 3 for $45.

Each design is hand carved into linoleum and then printed onto t-shirts. Since each shirt is printed individually, you have control over the placement of each design as well as the number of designs on the shirt.

To order a shirt, e-mail me at thomasradovich@gmail.com with design requests. I will e-mail you with payment options. The shirt will be printed the weekend after payment is received and will be mailed the following Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Other Designs

Want something on a t-shirt that I don't have listed here? Feel free to ask. I can carve out your request for an additional fee. The cost of the first shirt with the new design will be variable depending on the size and difficulty of the request. Additional t-shirts with the new design will return to the standard price.

Other Available Animals



 Squirrel A
 Squirrel B
Woodchuck A
 Woodchuck B
Woodchuck C

Flying Cardinal
 Flying Crow
 Cat A
 Cat B

 Welsh Corgi


You can add short phrases to your t-shirt. Each letter is approximately 2.5 inches tall, so very long phrases will not fit on a t-shirt.



You can select from any of the original 151 pokemon as well as several of the newer pokemon to put on your t-shirt.


Rabbit and Owl

Tiger Chasing Rabbit

The tiger and rabbit appear on opposite sides of the shirt near the wearer's hips.

Billy Mays

Gary Busey

Danny DeVito

Soulja Boy

Mike Tyson

John Leguizamo


Rabbits Shirt